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Leave My Blues at Home

This song is by The Allman Brothers Band and appears on the album Idlewild South (1970) and on the live album Peakin' At The Beacon (2000).

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I been trapped inside four walls, feel like I can't call to no one, a-way out on the outside
Well livin' alone is easy, but too long just don't seem really quite the thing to do, no
Think I'll drink up a little more wine to ease my worried mind
And walk down on the street and leave my blues at home, alright

The landlord she's on my line, I can't get no peace of mind
But I know there's somethin’ better
I can't stay and I can't run, can't keep waitin' for someone to find me, no, no
Well I'll gather up all my four leaf clovers, don't leave, I'm on my way over
I’ll walk down on the street and leave my blues at home, alright

And I feel I have to scream whenever I get the notion
And though I try so hard, I can't hold back my emotion
But I love you, but I can't have ya, won't you sit by my side, oh, no, no?

You don't work, the man don't pay ya
There ain't no saint to come and save ya, oh, puttin' your toll down
Well, if you ride, you pay the fare with Satan on your back and he don't care
Where you come from or where you goin'
And before I get myself all down, I jump up and kick the door down
And walk down on the street, and leave my blues at home, alright
I’m gonna leave it home, ain’t gonna take it no longer, no, no
Oh yeah


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