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When The Koopas Paint The Town

This song is by Unknown Artist.

The lyrics in bold can only be heard on the bonus disc of the Shout! Factory DVD set.

Zoomin' down town
Down down down
To change the town
Down town town
Half will be red
Half will be blue
Brother against brother
Divided in two
When the Koopas
Paint the town
Yes (It's Salvador Dali)
The fate of your kingdom
Will be up against the wall (wall wall)
When folks of different colors
Can't get along at all (yeah)
What's the matter with you?
We're Koopas (yeah)
Hey Botticelli, hand me a paintbrush
Give us room
Room room room
To bring doom doom doom
Doom doom doom
Right from the start
Up 'til the end
Neighbor fighting neighbor
Friend against friend
When the Koopas (Koopas)
Paint the town
When the Koopas
Paint the town

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