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Broken Land

This song is by The Adventures and appears on the album The Sea Of Love (1988).

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Broken Land
This song has been covered by Massive Ego under the title "Broken Land".
These rivers run too deep

With schemes of men for days that lay ahead

They sell their souls so cheap

They breed mistrust and fill my heart with dread
When did the boy become a man and lose his life to learn

So much confusion to this plan
These times are not changing

Show me the love to keep us together

Open up your hearts
Don't turn me away
Comfort me through this stormy weather
From where I stand
I see a broken land

This boy has learned to fail

In times like these to cry seems so absurd
His own life's crisis pales
In the shadow of this truly dying world
These are the games we played at school

Our hands raised in despair with no exception to the rule

These times ore not changing

Show me the love to keep us together
Where is the love to keep us together

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