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Nikki, Pt. 2

This song is by The-Dream and appears on the album Love King (2010).

I miss you
I miss you
Nikki I miss you [x4]

It's been 2 whole years
One album later
Yeah I got your text back
Well congratulations
Heard you moved to Dallas
Hope you're doin' fine
Hope yourself even catch you at the wrong time
If I say I didn't miss you
Girl I would be lying
To you I never lie
Never would I try
And I always thought that you would end up on my side
Girl I ain't gon' repeat what I did last time

You showin' up, you showin' up, you showin' up where I'm at
Keep calling me, keep calling me, keep callin' me, come back
You fuckin' with, you fuckin' with, you fuckin' with my life
Me and my new girl is cool, but now I'm having doubts...

And it's all because of Nikki
It's all because of Nikki
It's all because of Nikki

Shawty we were the greatest
In the mix with all the haters
Then you twisted all up on me
You used to be my homie
You said you'd play the role
And then you went cold
This love we had that was new
Suddenly grew old.
Girl I thought you had my back
Why you treating me like this
Can't believe my side chick
Running 'round talking shit
You said you understood me
Wondered what it could be
You just say I love you
Now I'm screaming fuck you

Girl, it's all because of you
It's all because of you
It's all because of you

Even though I said we're through...

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