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I Gets Crazy (Remix)

This song is by Teyana Taylor.

(I/Hook:] I get crazy[x32)
Nicki Minaj-

I just came out of the mutherfuckin Old School
Got my Mac notebook with the Pro tools
Yah Bitches ain't ready for Nicki Lewinsky
Bad "WOOF WOOF" flyer then a Frisbee
So I'm' up in Mid-LA eating Mangos
Keep a couple Pink Toes in my Sandals
Got some Bangles all over my Ankles
Such a Star they say I'm' a Star Spangle
Buh Buh Buh Buh Buh Banner
I am the Rap Hannah
Mah Mon Montana so fix your Antenna
I keep three hoes, But don't call me Santa
And I am flyer then Reindeer in the Winta (In the Winter)

Teyana Taylor:
Is it a bird or a plane?
No no Teyana is the name
So you say you wanna fly?
Well follow me and take flight (follow me and take flight)?.my turn
Baby I'm so attention, I'm a center
Not to mention they go crazy when I enter
I'm a realist so they figure I'm a hipster
Berry tha birds, look at the curves, I'm limper
I'm swaggin, I'm braggin, I'm stuntin, I'm prattling
I dress so dip, ya sick 'cause I'm slicker than Rick

And when I heard the instrumental told them gimme a clip
I'm murderin this; I must really like this shhh?
It's me, the new generation of rap
It's T-Low Key & I lay in the back
What, u was waitin for a nigga lo-d in rap?
Nah, B, but you can keep hopin 4 that

I Get Crazy, [x4]
I I Get Crazy
I Get Crazy, [x4]

Lil Wayne:
1, 2, 3rd Floor
Hospital Bound
Niqgas is Doors and I knock Niqgas Down
Straight jacket crooked, I hear you Lookin'
I promise I'm' Hard, And I swear you Pussy
I ain't crazy, No yes I am
Right up in the Coo-Coo nest I land
I'm' fly now Eat mah Bird shit
Yeah I'm' crazy, I'm' crazy Bout' your Bitch
Wild Animal on mah Bewildered Shixtt
I love Brain so I'm' Looking For a Nerd Bitch
It's' Nicki Minaj, The Superb Witch
And Weezy F. Baby, No Weezy F. Crazy

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