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Boy You And Me

This song is by Teyana Taylor.

(Feat. young b)

(Rap verse 1: young b)
Boy you and me is like a 06' bonnie and clyde
You stuck by myside you here so I'm'a ride
All these feelings that's inside I'm'a bout to let em' show
Cause oh no baby ima never let chu go
Cause in this relationship we like john and tamara but on the other hand
We like tro and tierra
I'm'a love you 4ever I don't care what nobody say it's young b and my boo
4ever and a day

(Verse 1: teyana)
The way you make me feel you make feel so real
When I'm alone wit you I don't know what to do
Boy I'm really diggin you (diggin you)
Wanna keep it real wit you (real wit you)
Baby what's the deal wit you I just really wanna be wit you

Boy you make me feel good
When ur not around my whole world comes down
Boy I like you I hope you like me to
I think that we could be if it was you and me
Baby don't you kow that

(Rap verse 2: young b)
Remember when I first met you
You said you want me to met yah moms cause you know I would be something special
That's when I let chu take my heart and run wit it
Shoppin' on 5th ave and trips boy we done did it you my otha half
You call me yah sunshine
I never stress the rumors 'cause I know that chu all mine
In this relationship I'm down 100%
So baby don't chu ever forget

(Verse 2: teyana)
The things you make me do you make me so crazy
The thought of losing you makes me feel incomplete
Ooh you know you make me weak there's no more words plan to speak
Baby won't you come wit me and let (let) it be you and me

(Rap verse 3: young b)
It's been a couple of yrs there's been a couple of tears bt it never ever
Matter cause baby you still here and knowing you still care makes me wanna
Love you for a lifetime me being with you
I'm thinking it's the right time maybe we can take a cruise
Make moves to a beach match yah antique your love is
So sweet we da best couple for my life I'm love you the rest say it again
I love you 2 death

(Verse 3: teyana)
Boy you make me feel so good (when I'm in your arms)
Or love will go so far no matter where you are (no matter where you are)
When you not here I feel so empty so won't you come here wit me
Cause your all I need

Ladadadadada [x2]

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