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To Erase a Lifetime

This song is by Textures and appears on the album Silhouettes (2008).

Here's my only dream
While I breathe dopamine
My creature's cunning
It walks the road between sense and amphetamine.

Clearly an ominous presence
Seraphs belong only to the ones who wait
I can feel it combine me
Merging all of my instincts with the withering beast.

We dance around in a ring and suppose
But the secret sits in the middle and knows
Skies are ashen, dim summer stench
Uncontrollable aesthetics relapse this twilight as dawn.

Faster, suppressor, a silent storm approaching
Behold a black-chalked figurine - it speaks to me in tongues
I resist my dislocation
Automatic integration of forgotten flaws and imperfections
Amplification of this endlessness
These words form a knife of cold
And pierce the heart of the unloving echoes of departure
My will bends as a twig in the wind.

Decipher unwritten laws of coded existence
I'm naked in the cold.

Strangely amused by conformity
Caught with a strange desire
I'm both promise and lie.

Build to receive
Conductor of hours
A clockwork
A grim device built to undo
Erase a lifetime
Creator of ends.

Now death sets a thing significant
The eye had hurried by
Years become a second when thoughts collide with memories
The stitches stopped themselves
And then it was put among the dust.

The center of self
Equation of life
The less you resist
The less you've erased.

I fear the ghosts of all that would be
There is no closure
I heed the call of millions of others who fight the giant
One second alone has brought me thunder.

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