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Shaping A Single Grain Of Sand

This song is by Textures and appears on the album Phenotype (2016).

Starting with the sound - the sound of a drop
Shaping a single grain of sand - seeping through time

Draining the enigma - the hunt is on
And as fear dictates the design - for the grand escape
And it's slowly breaking down the branches

Breaking through - negative energy
Turn the flow - forcing this gravity to its knees

A crumbling statue decimates the posture
Leaving but a shadow of the former self
The eyes turning from crystal to blur
Revealing but a fraction of the brightness they once had

Spiraling - further into the deep
Losing grip - tearing this soul away at the seams

Breaking free - from this energy
Turn the flow - breaking through

Tearing this soul away at the seams
Forcing this gravity to its knees

Circuits overload - flooded with dopamine
Receptors malfunction - dendritic trees wither and turn to dust
Washed away by a drop - shaping a single grain of sand

The price paid becomes irrelevant
Reflections on actions become impossible
The descent continues
As the ties to the surface grow thinner and thinner
You're disconnected

Sunken in deep slumber - this silence soothes my thought
There's no stronger connection to ourselves than to be alone

Dragging water into the sea - throwing fire at the sun
Breathing air into the wind - digging up earth before the avalanche

I'm breaking through

Washed away by a drop
Shaping a single grain of sand
Seeping through time
Leaving a
Drained enigma

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