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Ostensibly Impregnable

This song is by Textures and appears on the album Polars (2004).

Satisfied with life.
Grown integrity flourished.
Dreaming as the days go by.
Fading as the voices cry.

Impregnable conscience.

Memories I recall today, the time to come clears them away.
The striving goes on.
I remain untouched, parted from all constraint.

Still it haunts me phantom-wise.
Echoes fade and memories die by the hand that grasped away a once presupposed life.

Dreams burn in the void.
From man, to machine, to victim.
Parted by force.

Dark clouds cast over the frontline.
Blood taints the sand.
Fragments & chaotic views roam through the trenches.
Is this reality?
Ear-clenching noise above.
Recollections make way for the encompassing fall of darkness.

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