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This song is by Textures and appears on the album Phenotype (2016).

Secluding the infant's reliance
Self-indulgence is reigning
As the redundant has been denied

Standing vast since adolescence
Still susceptible like a nursling
Desperately longing for the roots to grow deeper

But they can't be reached as concrete walls
Have been built around them

Solely walking the earth
Searching for affirmation
As the heart knows
Heredity can't flee from its precedent
The benighted progenitor

Vigorous still
Inattentive of what his actions composed

The trees are saving themselves
With branches reaching towards the skies

While the powers of our great mother are trying to smite them down

She's hearing their cries
Vainly pleading to keep the trunks strong and whole
As tribes need the soil to be nourishing

The shepherd reverses rolls
As the wolf becomes the prey

Flames arise from the ashes
Left behind by the conflict

While the convict is wearing its mask like a Proteus
Denying the torment that has been inflicted

Leading his life like a Proteus
As no history lies behind him

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