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The Phantom White Stallion of Skull Valley

This song is by Tex Ritter and appears on the album Children's Songs and Stories (1945).

Boys and girls here is the amazing story of "The Phantom White Stallion Of Skull Valley".
Skull valley is in Arizona not many miles south of the Grand Canyon.
One of the favorite stories of the cowboys is a strange tale handed down by the Navajo Indians, story of a great white stallion, as wild as the North wind, and as fast as a speeding arrow.
The Indians claimed he had roamed the land hundreds of years, the white ranchers didn't believe it until many of their horses began to disappear.
At first horse thieves were suspected, but there were no clues, no footprints, no hoof marks.
Finally the ranchers became desperate, they formed posses and searched the countryside.
In one day they sighted their missing horses, far far in the distance, headed for the Granite Mountain.
As they looked, they could hardly believe their eyes; for leading the herd was the phantom white horse of Skull Valley.
Later that night, stunned by the spectacle they had witnessed, the ranchers called a meeting, they've agreed on a plan to completely encircle the great white stallion. He must be captured.
Sky was dark and cloudy as the determined ranchers started the drive that would bring them to the very brink of the Grand Canyon.
All day they pushed forward, in vain. As night fell the black sky began to close in upon them, the thunder roared and the lightning slashed and tore the sky and earth.
Then suddenly a cry went up for there on high up the _____ ______ the excitement of the storm stood the missing herd, the great white stallion stood proudly in their midst.
In a flash the storm was forgotten and the race fo the capture was on. the phantom horse was not tp be taken so easily, like a flashing lightning he was away, and faithful herd followed as if drawn by a some strange power.
They were not to keep pace with the swift Stallion, whose very light was freedom. The ropes of the ranchers were ready, as they spurred their horses on to what seemed certain capture, escape was impossible; Canyon would stop this phantom horse.
On and on the stallion raced, then suddenly there yawned before him the deep dangerous chasm of Grand Canyon. A flash of lightning illuminated the sky and seemed to hang overhead. And then with what seemed like a last farewell to the herd and defiance to his pursuers, the mighty stallion made a mighty leap into space and disappeared.

But was the white stallion really gone? Was he dead?
Even to this day boys and girls, when thunder rocks the earth and lightning splits the sky, the Indians tell of having seen a great white steed standing atop some mesa, a-racing across the grassy slopes, as mane and ____ streaming behind him like a lazy frock from a wind tossed wave. Is "The Phantom White Stallion Of Skull Valley" dead? I wonder.

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