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The Last Mile

This song is by Tex Ritter.

The warden will be here at dawn, they lead me away
I've made a mistake dear, and now I must pay
Don't cry over me when I'm gone, forget me and smile
I'll die with your name on my lips when I walk the last mile

Forgive me for being the one that brought you this shame
Don't spit in my face dear, 'cause I was the one to blame
I travelled the wrong road of life and had a fair trial
So try to be brave till the end when I walk the last mile

If I could start over again my path would be straight
I'd live for your love dear but now it's too late
So think of me kindly my love, just once in a while
I'll try to be worthy of you when I walk the last mile


Written by:

Gene Autry / Oakley Haldeman / Fred Rose

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