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Legend of Shenandoah

This song is by Tex Ritter and appears on the album Green Green Valley (1970).

Oh Shenandoah how much I love you
Every stream and every valley
Let nothing ever change you

I've brought some fresh flowers for your grave Martha
Like I've been doin' every Sunday for these sixteen years
Somehow it helps me to talk things over with ya Martha
'Cause we always shared our hopes and fears
Folks have started killin' stealin' all around Shenandoah
Now if that's what they want that's fine
But the way I see it I got a daughter and six strong sons
And I'm just gonna look out for what's mine

Oh Shenandoah your sons are fighting
Can't you hear your daughters weeping
The war has come to change you

This grizzly war has invaded our family since I talked to ya the other day Martha
Some darn fool soldiers mistook our boy for the enemy
And they've taken him away they just couldn't let us live peaceful
They just wouldn't leave us alone so we're ridin' out tonight
And come hell or high water I'm gonna bring our boy back home

Oh Shenandoah oh Shenandoah
They killed our sons and daughters

Well Martha I don't hardly know how to tell ya this
Nearly half our family is dead and gone
But there's still Shenandoah and a few of us left
And we'll just have to carry on
We've all got to learn to live side by side reasonable and open hearted
We got miles to walk and rivers to cross
And I reckon it's time we got started

Oh Shenandoah the winter's over
Wash away you rollin' river
Cause spring is on the hillside

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