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Lady Killin' Cowboy

This song is by Tex Ritter.

We're a-sitting and a-talking by the general store one day
Just a bunch of jolly cowboys come to town
When a stranger come a-rising in a social sort of way
He was dressed up like a doggone circus clown

Said he was a lady killer he had a on a shirt of yeller
With a purple kerchief tied around his neck
He was wearing shiny boots and spurs the kind the guy the gal prefers
He's a lady killing cow puncher by head

As he lands to tie his horse up some cowboy forgot and spit
And it landed on the lady killers' boot
Some beau made a slight remark and I heard two pistols bark
I'll be goldern if the cowboy couldn't shoot

Say he smoked a good cigar and he rode the range on par
He could catch the eye of any village queen
With his black moustache and curly hair he set their hearts on fire
And the gals all took him out in their machines

Just in case you ever meet him so you'll know him on first sight
I can tell you what to be a-looking for
He'll have snow white pants and hat on and he'll smell like lilac bloom
Such a guy like him you never saw before

He's a lady killing cowboy he's a darn good puncher too
He's the straightest shooting cowboy in these parts
He can lasso steers and dogies in the fastest kinda time
And he's sure a dead shot to the ladies heart

How this lady killer slays 'em loves 'em leaves 'em the man betrays 'em
He's the answer to a maiden's prayer you bet
If he'd ever start a harrow mocking sow would come to life
But this boy could teach the sow away to pet

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