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I Learned My Lesson Too Late

This song is by Tex Ritter and appears on the compilation album The Rare Ones of the Late Tex Ritter (1982).

Life is a but a school where each lesson you must learn
From the cold and cruel hand of fate
I was but a fool now my heart forever yearn
For I learned my lesson too late

When we met my heart had no pain
And I thought that you would always wait
When we started falling my sunshine ______
And I learned my lesson too late

When you went away bitter tears I couldn't hide
Though they only help a heart to ache
Now I have to pay a lot of foolish pride
For I learned my lesson too late

Though may come a time when your smiles will be so few
_____ for love will turn to hay
Love can be so blind, as you'll find is true
And you learned your lesson too late

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