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Gotta Have Some Lovin'

This song is by Tex Ritter and appears on the compilation album The Rare Ones of the Late Tex Ritter (1982).

Gotta have some lovin', lovin' from you
Kinda' lovin' baby that you do
Put your arms around me, honey hold me tight'
Gotta have some lovin' from you tonight

Gotta have some kissin', kissin' from you
Kinda' kissin' baby that you do
Come a little closer, press your lips to mine
Gotta have some kissin', it's the kissin' time

Gotta have some cuddlin', cuddlin' from you
Kinda' cuddlin' baby that you do
Every time I hold you, honey in my arms
Gotta have some cuddlin', gotta have your charms

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