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America Our Land

This song is by Tex Ritter and appears on the album Sweet Land of Liberty (1967).

(America America America our land)

A-m-e-r-i-c-a America
A - is for abundance that belongs to you and me
And for our loyal army's pledge to keep our country free
For every artist who with love records our heritage
On canvas in the theater and upon the printed page

M - is for the mountains that rise in magesty
Keeping watch across the plains and deserts to the sea

For the ship Mayflower bringing settlers to our shore
For music that's our very own
The hymns the country music the blues and more

E - is for the eagle proud symbol of our land
And everything we hold so dear and good for which it stands
For our most precious doctrine of true equality
And all the education we get so easily

R - is for the races and religions of our land
Side by side in brotherhood to whorship hand in hand
For rights all men will proudly and eternally defend
For refuges from foreign lands who need us for a friend

I - is for the industry that makes our country great
And for the fourth day of July our independence date
For all the inspirations that enrich our daily lives
The sweet ideals of freedom on which our country thrives

C - is for the countless crops and cities built with pride
For little children playing in the lovely countryside
For little children playing the lovely countryside
For colonies who bravely fought to win the revolution
For the Capitol the courts and congress which uphold our constitution

A - is for all these priceless things that bring us to our knees
In thanks that we can work and speek and whorship as we please
And keep us strong in peace or war because we understand
The faith and hope and love that made America our land

(America America America our land)

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