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When the busy street was melting at dusk
I was left behind by the crowd rushing to go home
Still, we held hands and began to walk
It was a bit awkward and funny.

Thus being able to see your smile
Is this really the end?

We laughed together
The days I spent with you
If the loneliness increases when you think about the memories
If you feel this much sorrow
The love, the tears, it's alright for it to disappear
Into emptiness

Yet to feel your smiling face to side glance
Breathing that go and spread from our connected hands
As I seem to see you inside the twilight
I had the feeling that two people approached me

You were previously looking at the red brick as love was melting.

No matter how much time flows, it won't disappear
I want to believe so if the memory is there.
A little bit more until we go on our seperate ways
I would walk out even though my mind is as it is.
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