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{{YouTube|<<YouTube-ID>>|<<link text>>}}

where the ID is the bit in bold: (for video clips) (for artist pages) (for artist channel pages)
Starting Point
  • To start a video at a specific point, an additional parameter "&start=###" can be appended to the YouTube ID, where "###" refers to the start point in seconds. Since this uses an equal sign, the template parameters also need to be explicitly named. For example, starting a video ten seconds in would be written as:
{{YouTube|1=<<YouTube-ID>>&start=10|2=<<link text>>}}
  • Pages in the main namespace using this template are added to [[Category:YouTube/pagetype]], where pagetype is Artist or Song.
  • If the ID of a video clip has less or more than 11 characters or contains a space, the page will be added to Category:Invalid YouTube Link.
  • variable video is set to 1.
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