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  • Parameters should be changed prior to saving the page.
  • Parameters may appear on a single line or multiple lines, but each parameter must be preceded by a | (pipe).
  • Do not change the template's name {{Wpi. This is required by the software to know which template to use.
  • Please always use the "Preview" button and check for errors before saving the page.

For more information on how templates work, see Help:Templates.


{{wpi|Article Name|Link Text}}
  • Article Name is the title of the Wikipedia article. If none is specified, it defaults to the title of the page on which this template is used.
  • Link Text is the text to be displayed as the link. If none is specified, it defaults to the article name.
  • To link to an article on a non-English Wikipedia, prefix Article Name with the country's code and a colon.
  • To link to a specific section of an article, append #Section title to the first parameter.


Read about {{wpi|Pink Floyd}} on Wikipedia.

Read about Pink Floyd Wikipedia16 on Wikipedia.

Read about {{wpi|Tool (band)|Tool}} on Wikipedia.

Read about Tool Wikipedia16 on Wikipedia.

Read about {{wpi|es:Pink Floyd|Pink Floyd}} on la enciclopedia libre.

Read about Pink Floyd Wikipedia16 on la enciclopedia libre.

{{wpi|Pink Floyd#Discography|Pink Floyd's Discography}}

Pink Floyd's Discography Wikipedia16

Note: Section titles on Wikipedia often change, so use them sparingly.

See also

  • {{wp}} does the same without the Wikipedia logo.
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