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NOTE: For many pagetypes, "specialised" templates are available that should be used instead of this one:

For inline text links without a fancy box, you can use {{wp}} or {{wpi}}.


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All you usually need to do to create a floating box Wikipedia link (like the one to the right) is insert {{Wikipedia}} at the beginning of a page, and the template will do the rest for you.

If needed, you can specify the name of the Wikipedia article that is to be linked to, and even the title of the link text to be shown. All of the following formats are valid:


Automatically takes the name from the current LyricWiki page.

{{Wikipedia|Pain of Salvation}}

Used when the Wikipedia Article name and the link text you wish to display are the same, but different from the name of the current LyricWiki page. The parameter after the pipe "|" specifies the name of the Wikipedia article.

{{Wikipedia|Muse (band)|Muse}}

Used when the Wikipedia Article name and the link text you wish to display are different. The first parameter – "Muse (band)" – specifies the name of the Wikipedia article, while the second parameter – "Muse" – specifies the link text that should be displayed.

To link to a non-English Wikipedia page, place the two-letter language code followed by a colon before the article name:

{{Wikipedia|de:U2|U2 (German Wiki)}}

This would go to the German edition of Wikipedia's page for U2. In these cases the link text should state that it is to a non-English version of Wikipedia.

To link to a specific section of an article, simply add the section title, prefixed with a "#", after the page title:

{{Wikipedia|Pink Floyd#Breakthrough era (1970–1975)|Pink Floyd: Breakthrough era (1970–1975)}}

This would produce a link to the "Breakthrough era (1970–1975)" section of Wikipedia's page for Pink Floyd.

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