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"Weird Al" Yankovic is probably the artist with the biggest number of parodies. This template tags the song pages of those parodies with a link to the original song, like this:

{{WAY-Parody|song=Queen:Another One Bites The Dust}}

This will render as:

For general style parodies of an artist rather than of a specific song, use the artist parameter instead:


This will render as:

An optional addtext parameter can be used to include extra information, for example

{{WAY-Parody|song=Queen:Bohemian Rhapsody|addtext=Actually Al was inspired by another artist to record this parody}}

would render like

Please note that the third parameter will be placed inside the banner (and a period will be added by the template). For text not related to the banner, please use other resources like {{CreditBox}} or {{SInfo}}.

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