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This template can be used on a translated song's subpage to include the original lyrics side-by-side with the translated lyrics.

(Replace the bits in green.)

{{Translation|title=Translated Song Title|lyrics=
--> Translated lyrics <--
  • The |title= parameter may be omitted; in this case the translation's language is displayed as a header.
  • The original lyrics will be fetched from the song page and displayed in the right column. To change the header, the |orig= parameter may be used; by default, the original's language is shown.
  • For songs in non-Latin scripts, if a romanization is present on its own /roman subpage, it may be preferable to show that instead of the native script next to the translation. To that end, add |roman to the template: {{Translation|roman|title=...

Example page: Teitur:Lat Tárini Falla/en.


Please do not use this template to add translations to original song pages, or to add translations to songs that have actually been released by the artist in other languages.

See Help:Translations for more information.

Original song pages where this template is used can be found in Category:Translation on Song Page.

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