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This template can be used on song and album pages with non-English titles to display their English translation.


Replace the parts in green.

{{TransTitle|<<language>>|<<translation>>|<<song title>>}}
  • The first two parameters are required (for obvious reasons).
  • The third parameter (song title) is optional; by default the song parameter from the {{SongHeader}} is used.

For non-Latin song titles, use:

{{TransTitle|<<language>>|<<translation>>|roman=<<romanized title>>}}
  • If a romanized title is specified, the translation is optional.
  • DEPRECATED Please use the roman parameter in {{SongHeader}} instead

To translate into a language other than English, use:

{{TransTitle|<<original language>>|<<translation>>|<<song title>>|<<translation language>>}}
  • Please use this feature on translation subpages only – don't add multiple TransTitle templates to the original song page!

For albums, use:

{{TransTitle|<<language>>|<<translation>>|<<album title>>|type=album}}
  • Again, the album title is optional.
  • The roman parameter can be used with albums as well.
{{TransTitle|Spanish|My Sandals|Mis Sandalias}}
The Spanish title of this song is "Mis Sandalias". The English translation is "My Sandals".
{{TransTitle|Italian|Niemand schlafe|Nessun Dorma|German}}
The Italian title of this song is "Nessun Dorma". The German translation is "Niemand schlafe".
{{TransTitle|Spanish|My Sandals|Mis Sandalias|type=album}}
The Spanish title of this album is "Mis Sandalias". The English translation is "My Sandals".
The Japanese title of this song is "言葉". This is read as "kotoba" and means "word".
  • If roman parameter is used it also sets the romsong variable, which makes the romanizedSong parameter in {{SongFooter}} obsolete.
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