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Timed lyrics shouldn't be put on the regular song page, but on a subpage with "/lrc" appended to the pagename. If more than one version of timed lyrics exist, they can be distinguished by additional qualifiers, e.g. "/lrc (Demo Version)" or "/lrc (1999 Re-recording)".

The subpages should only contain this template at the top, optionally some additional information about the particular version, and the timed lyrics within <lyrics> tags.

You can switch to a mono-spaced (fixed-width) font by wrapping <div style="font-family:monospace">...</div> around the lyrics block; see this page for an example.

Single version

If only one version of timed lyrics exists, simply put {{timed}} on both the song page (below the lyrics) and at the top of the subpage.

Multiple versions

For more than one version, use this template like in the following example (on song page and all subpages):

|version1 = /
|version2 = Demo Version
|version3 = 1999 Re-recording

This creates links to "PAGENAME/lrc", "PAGENAME/lrc (Demo Version)" and "PAGENAME/lrc (1999 Re-recording)" subpages.

Note the special behaviour of the "/" parameter value; this way, the "/lrc" subpage can be omitted if no timed lyrics exist for the "main" album version.

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