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{{split|<<severity parameter>>}}

The severity parameter can be 1 (low), 2 (moderate) or 3 (severe). It is determined by the number of songs in the Other Songs section:

  • Choose 1 for 10 to 29 songs
  • Choose 2 for 30 to 89 songs
  • Choose 3 for 90 or more songs

If there are less than 10 other songs left, the split template may be removed. If there are less than 10 other songs and no albums at all on an artist page, the {{stub}} template should be added to the top of the page instead.

==Other Songs==
# '''[[Foo & The Bars:A Song|A Song]]'''
# '''[[Foo & The Bars:Another Song|Another Song]]'''
# '''[[Foo & The Bars:B Song|B Song]]'''
# ...

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