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{{SbA|page=<<song pagename>>}}

produces: "Song Title" by Artist

  • SongTitle links to pagename, displaytext is {SongHeader}:song
  • Artist links to {SongHeader}:artist, displaytext is {SongHeader}:alias if present, else {SongHeader}:artist
  • for song collaborations: lists up to 4 artists from {SongHeader}, "various artists" if there are 5 or more
  • pagename must be a song page; if it is not, an error message will be displayed and the page will be added to Category:Invalid Template Parameters
  • if page doesn't exist, pagename will be split by first colon to determine artist and song title


{{SbA|page=2Pac:Number 1 With A Bullet}}
" #1 With a Bullet" by 2Pac
{{SbA|page=2Pac & Outlawz:Letter To The President}}
"Letter to the President" by 2Pac and Outlawz
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