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text to display as list header (optional)
|nr= (or |start=
number of first list item (required)
list items (max. 30)
list-style-type (optional, defaults to decimal)
see below for a list of available types

IMPORTANT: To enable the API to "see" page links, each line of the tracklist, on both artist and album pages, has to start with the # character.


{{OL|header=Bonus Tracks on the Very Special 2010 Edition:|nr=42|
#1='''[[The Strolling Ones:White Sugar|White Sugar]]'''|
#2='''[[The Strolling Ones:Tame Horses|Tame Horses]]'''|
#3='''[[The Strolling Ones:Paint It, Red|Paint It, Red]]'''}}

displays as:

Bonus Tracks on the Very Special 2010 Edition:
  1. White Sugar
  2. Tame Horses
  3. Paint It, Red

Style types
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