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  • Parameters should be changed prior to saving the page.
  • Parameters may appear on a single line or multiple lines, but each parameter must be preceded by a | (pipe).
  • Do not change the template's name {{MultiLanguage. This is required by the software to know which template to use.
  • Please always use the "Preview" button and check for errors before saving the page.

For more information on how templates work, see Help:Templates.


Put the following above the lyric box (on song pages) or below the tracklist (on album pages):

|language code 1#page name 1
|language code 2#page name 2
|language code 3#page name 3

where language code is the ISO 639-1 2-letter code for the language (e.g. "en" for English, "es" for Spanish), and page name is the full pagename (not just the song or album title).

Note: This template is only intended to link between song pages or between album pages. It will not work properly if you link from one pagetype to the other.


|en#David Bowie:"Heroes"
|de#David Bowie:Helden
|fr#David Bowie:Héros
|English-German#David Bowie:"Heroes"/"Helden"
(see David Bowie:"Heroes" for working example)

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