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Included strings

Note: the distinction between orange (-o) and blue (-b) strings is a remnant from a previous colour scheme. Currently both are rendered purple.

String String-ID English original (= default)
Welcome headline welcome-o Welcome to
Welcome headline welcome-b LyricWiki
Wiki description desc We are a free ...
Tabber headline browse-o Browse
Tabber headline browse-b Lyrics By
Tab title tab-artist Artist
Tab title tab-album Album
Tab title tab-song Song title
Tab title tab-label Label
Tab text tab-begins begins with
iTunes headline itunes-b Top Songs
SOTD headline sotd-o Song
SOTD headline sotd-b of the Day
Blogs headline blogs-o User
Blogs headline blogs-b Blogs
Main page links label langlinks View main page in
Contact links label contact Contact

How to localize a string

  • Find the section with the string you want to translate
  • Find your language code within this section
  • Translate the string
  • Consider deleting your language code in case the localization is identical to the default string

Strings that have not yet been translated are disabled with a hyphen before the language code. Example: |-de= You must remove the hyphen to activate the string. Please keep the alphabetical order.

How to call localized strings

{{Main Page/TrStrings|<String-ID>|<Lang-Code>}}

  • String-ID is case-insensitive
  • Lang-Code in ISO 639-1, e.g. fr for French
Result output on error:
  • If String-ID is empty or invalid, the result will be an empty string
  • If String-ID is valid but Lang-Code empty or invalid, the result will be the default term, i.e. English

Completely done sections/languages

The following sections are completely done (except tab-* strings):

  • welcome-o
  • welcome-b

The following languages are completely done:

  • German (de)
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