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This template is for Hometown subcategories only and won't work on other pages.

What it does

  • Sorts the subcategory into the parent category with the correct sortname
  • Includes a wikipedia-link when desired, using the {{WP-Flag}} template with the correct parameters
  • Adds a {{clear}} template
  • Adds {{CatAZ}} for categories with more than 200 pages


Mode Country State Town
Sortname: "Country"
Flag: "Flag - Country.png"
Wikipedia-link: "Country"
Sortname: " State"
Flag: "Flag - State.png" *
Wikipedia-link: none
Sortname: "Town"
Flag: "Flag - State.png" *
Wikipedia-link: none
Wikipedia standard:
Like above, but
Wikipedia-link: "State"
Like above, but
Wikipedia-link: "Town"
Wikipedia specified:
Like above, but
Wikipedia-link: <<<article>>>
Flag specified:
ignored Like above, but
Flag: "Flag - <<<flag>>>.png"

* If "Flag - State.png" doesn't exist, the template uses "Flag - Country.png" automatically.

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