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Used on artist and album pages, to list a song's featured artists.



Up to nine artists may be listed in this way.

Note that the artists are not automatically linked, but links can be provided for each artist manually:

{{feat|...|[[Artist Name|Display Text]]|... (if the artist has a LyricWiki page)
{{feat|...|{{wpi|Artist Name|Display Text}}|...}} (if the artist has a Wikipedia page).

In both cases, the |Display Text part is optional.

To change the text from "featuring" to e.g. "with" or "vs.", the optional |t= parameter can be used:



{{feat|[[Method Man]]|[[Redman]]|Some Other Guy}}


(featuring Method Man, Redman and Some Other Guy)
{{feat|t=with|[[Conway Twitty]]}}


(with Conway Twitty)
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