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{{emo|<<<NAME OR FACE>>>}}
Possible emoticons
Emoticon Name Face* Emoticon Name Face*
Biggrin biggrin  :-DD Rolleyes rolleyes 8-/
Blush blush  :-$ Sad sad  :-(
Cool cool B-) Sceptical sceptical o.O
Cry cry  :'-( or ;-( Shocked shocked 8-O
Furious furious  :-@ or x-( Shy shy  :#) or :*)
Grin grin  :-D Sigh sigh -.- or -.-*
Hihi hihi ^^ Smile smile  :-)
Kiss kiss  :-* Smirk smirk >:-) or :-}
Lol lol x-D Sob sob 8-( or 8'-( or :-{
Lost lost  :-? Sorry sorry  :-*(
Mad mad >:-( Strict strict >:-{
Nice nice  :-)) Tired tired x-)
Oh oh  :-o Tongue tongue  :-P
Please please 8-) Unsure unsure  :-S
Proud proud  :-] Wink wink  ;-)
Punched punched *-S Yeah yeah or yay ^_^
* faces with a hyphen as nose can also be typed without the hyphen
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