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The Deletion template flags a page to be deleted. Placing this template on a page doesn't actually delete anything — it only marks the page so other users and administrators can review the page, see its history, and talk about why it should or should not be deleted. Only an administrator can actually delete the page, and will only do so if the deletion is valid and necessary.

A page marked for deletion will display a conspicuous banner at the top of the page, along with the reason for the request. It will then be easily locatable in the Category:Requests For Deletion or a subcategory thereof (see below). If the deletion request references another page (either on LyricWiki or elsewhere), we urge you to include a link in the reason parameter to help the review process.


  • The criteria for page deletions can be found at LyricWiki:Deletion.
  • The deletion template may be placed anywhere in a page's wiki, but the preferred placement is at the top of the page.
  • Before flagging a page for deletion, consult What links here in the Toolbox to make sure no other pages link to the one you wish to delete.
  • Always consider using a redirect instead of a deletion request for minor errors in capitalization. See the rules for capitalization for more information.
  • A deletion request can be "cancelled" by removing the deletion code from the page.
  • Whenever possible, include internal or external links to pages supporting your request. This speeds up the the review process for administrators and will get the page deleted more quickly.


{{deletion|reason for deletion}}

Please make sure to supply a valid reason for the deletion request. Deletion templates with empty parameter will be removed without further notice.


{{deletion|This page violates the vandalism policy found at [[LyricWiki:Vandalism|Vandalism]].}}


This article has been flagged for deletion.
Reason: This page violates the vandalism policy found at Vandalism.
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