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Put the following below the {{SongHeader}} template if the song in question has been covered:

{{Covered|song=<<song pagetitle>>}}

If the song has been covered more than once:

|song1 = <<1st song pagetitle>>
|song2 = <<2nd song pagetitle>>
|song= or |song1= required: pagename of first (or only) cover version
|addtext= or |addtext1= optional: any additional text to be appended; this can include links and templates like {{feat}}
|song2= pagename of second cover version
... etc.

Up to 50 covers are supported. If more entries are required, you can use {{Covered (long)}} instead, which allows up to 200 covers.

All song pages using this template can be found in Category:Covered.

{{Covered|song=The Police:Demolition Man}}


This song has been covered by The Police under the title "Demolition Man".

See also
  • {{Cover}}, which links from the cover to the original version.
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