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{{BlockUser|admin=Kiefer|duration=infinite|reason=For using moves as [[Special:Contributions/Rocker123|vandalism]].}} ~~~~~


Block notice

Icon - Stop HandFor using moves as vandalism.
This has resulted in an infinite suspension of your account by Kiefer.
If you disagree with this suspension please notify the blocking administrator or the LyricWiki staff by placing {{Unblock|reason=Your Reason Here}} on this page (your talk page). 23:52, 17 March 2009 (UTC)


Place this template on the talk page of a user that has been blocked. It notifies the user of his/her block, explains why they have been blocked, and what to do about the block. Add the date with ~~~~~


All parameters are optional, but admin and duration are recommended.

Parameter Explanation
ip The IP (or IP range) of the blocked user, if the user is an anonymous IP or not logged in.
admin The username of the administrator that enacted the block. Do not include "User:".
duration The duration of the block.
reason The reason for the block. For spam and vandalism, use reason=spam or reason=vandalism. Any other reason will be reproduced verbatim, so whole sentences are recommended. N.B. Links to the user's contributions are added automatically for reason = spam and reason = vandalism, but the link needs to be added manually if an alternative reason is given.
unblock If the user is banned from editing his/her own talk page, adding unblock=no will prevent the "If you disagree…" message from being displayed. Other values for this parameter will have no effect.
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