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{{Bandcamp|<<Bandcamp Artist-ID>>|<<link text>>|<<Bandcamp Album/Track-ID>>}}

Where the Artist-ID is in red and the Album/Track-ID is in blue:

for artists{{bandcamp|alllevelsatonce}}
for albums{{bandcamp|alllevelsatonce||album/tessellate}}
for songs{{bandcamp|alllevelsatonce||track/lament}}

The second parameter is optional. If omitted, link text defaults to artist name, album or song title, depending on page type.


Bc embed

The embedded Bandcamp player uses a numerical ID instead of the text IDs as shown above. If the numerical ID is added as a fourth parameter to this template, the embedded player will be displayed for users who have enabled it in their preferences.

Note: This only works on song pages. The embedded player will be displayed in the upper right of the lyric box, below the song badges and embedded youtube video (if present).

Getting the ID

On the song's Bandcamp page, click on "Share / Embed", then on "Embed this track", select any of the available styles, and look for the .../track=123456789/... part in the embed code. Use only the numerical ID:


Embedding is not always available (example), in those cases the fourth parameter may be set to any non-numerical value (e.g. "-") to mark it as "not available" rather than "unknown":


Enabling the embedded player

Go to your script preferences (accessible through the bottom menu, or via this link).

Script pref

Check "Audio Player" in the "Other" section. Click on the gear icon Icon-gear-black and make sure "Load the Bandcamp player" is checked, then save. You may have to bypass your browser's cache to see the changes.



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