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{{asin|<<ASIN>>|<<link text>>|<<page type>>}}

where the ASIN is the bit in green:

for artists
for albums and films
for songs

For links to artist pages, the page type parameter must be set to "artist" else the link will lead to the wrong page. For product links (albums, films, songs), the page type parameter is not required.

See the picture below for where to find the ASIN on an Amazon page for an album, film, or song.


For products only available in stores other that, append &cc=xx to the ASIN, where xx is one of the following:

Code Country Store
au Australia
br Brazil
ca Canada
cn China
de Germany
es Spain
fr France
it Italy
jp Japan
uk United Kingdom

Example: {{asin|1=B000EULJLU&cc=uk|2=10,000 Days}} produces 10,000 Days

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