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Note: This is for use on album pages only, do not use it on artist pages.

When added to the bottom of an album page, this template produces a pretty green box with a list of the artist's albums. The album list is gathered from the "Artist/Albums" page, where "Artist" is the name specified in the Artist parameter in {{Album}}.

Khelpcenter Placing {{subst:Album List/blank}} on a new page and saving will create a basic list with placeholder links and [[Category:Album Lists]] at the bottom.

This template has two optional parameters. The first parameter can be used to show the album list for a different artist. If, for example, you want to show Neil Young's albums on a Neil Young & Crazy Horse album page, you'd add

{{Album List|Neil Young}}

to the page. The second parameter changes the display text of the artist specified with the first, for example

{{Album List|K.d. Lang|k.d. lang}}

Example Album List (from Supertramp/Albums, shortened)
'''Studio Albums:'''
[[Supertramp:Supertramp (1970)|Supertramp (1970)]] •
[[Supertramp:Indelibly Stamped (1971)|Indelibly Stamped (1971)]] •
[[Supertramp:Land Ho (1974)|Land Ho (1974)]] ''(Single)'' •
[[Supertramp:Slow Motion (2002)|Slow Motion (2002)]]

'''Live Albums and Compilations:'''
[[Supertramp:Paris (1980)|Paris (1980)]] •
[[Supertramp:Is Everybody Listening? (2001)|Is Everybody Listening? (2001)]]
<noinclude>[[Category:Album Lists]]</noinclude>

The division into sections for various album types is optional, but recommended for artists with more than a few albums.

Important: Please make sure the category link at the bottom is present, with the <noinclude> tags around it.

Using {{Album List}} on a Supertramp album page, the above list will render like this:

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