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This template produces a floating box on the right, displaying a specified image. Use it on artist pages, right below an album's header:

{{Album Art|<<image filename>>|<<album title>>}}


{{Album Art|Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother.jpg|Atom Heart Mother}}
Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother

Atom Heart Mother

If the filename is PAGENAME - ALBUM TITLE.jpg, the first parameter can be omitted. On the Pink Floyd page,

{{Album Art||Meddle}}
would produce:
Pink Floyd - Meddle


If the second parameter is omitted, the caption defaults to the pagename. This is usually not desired.

{{Album Art|Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here.jpg}}
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

Album Art

Special Cases

  • If the album art has been deleted for ToU or copyright reasons, replace the image filename with "removed":
    {{Album Art|removed}}
  • If no album art exists, or it is impossible to find, replace the image filename with "unavailable":
    {{Album Art|unavailable}}

In both cases, the second parameter will be ignored. See Help:No Artwork Available for more information.

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