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Kingdom People (2007)

Tedashii - Kingdom People

Kingdom People

  1. Kingdom Intro
  2. Houston We Have A Problem
  3. Born Again
  4. Off Da Hook
  5. Significance (featuring J.R.)
  6. This Song's For You
  7. Do You Feel
  8. On Now (featuring Phanatik)
  9. Lifestyle
  10. Unconditional
  11. He Cares (featuring Keynon Akers)
  12. Bout Time Interlude
  13. Bout Time (featuring Cam)
  14. We Did (featuring Trip Lee)
  15. No More (featuring Lecrae)
  16. Party Music (featuring Flame)
  17. Free (featuring Diamone)
  18. 116 Interlude
  19. In Ya Hood Cypha Remix (featuring Trip Lee, Thi'sl, Json, Sho Baraka and Lecrae)
  20. Impressed (Hidden Track)

Identity Crisis (2009)

Tedashi - Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis

  1. Identity Crisis Intro
  2. Work
  3. 26's Introduction
  4. 26's (featuring Lecrae)
  5. Hollywood (featuring Rozie Turner)
  6. Identity 1: We Fell
  7. Make War (featuring Flame)
  8. Gotta Believe (featuring Diamone)
  9. Identity 2: Adoption (featuring Rick Trotter)
  10. I'm a Believer (featuring Trip Lee and Soyé)
  11. Fresh
  12. Thank You
  13. All I Need (featuring Chris Davis)
  14. Identity 3: The Church
  15. Community (featuring Stephen The Levite and Sho Baraka)

Blacklight (2011)



  1. Riot
  2. Rock a Bye Baby
  3. Need It Daily (featuring PRo)
  4. Can't Get With You
  5. That Will Be the Day (featuring Jenny Norlin)
  6. This Is the Life (featuring Sho Baraka and L2)
  7. Last Goodbye (featuring Benjah)
  8. He Lives (featuring Flame and Jai)
  9. Go Until I'm Gone (featuring Thi'sl)
  10. Get Up (featuring S.O.)
  11. Burn This House Down
  12. Finally (featuring Shane and Shane)
  13. You Know What It Is (featuring KB and PK)
  14. Dum Dum (featuring Lecrae)
  15. Reverse (featuring Andy Mineo)
  16. Bravo (featuring J-Paul)

Below Paradise (2014)

Tedashii - Below Paradise

Below Paradise

  1. Below Paradise
  2. Perfect (featuring Kam Parker)
  3. Dark Days, Darker Nights (featuring Britt Nicole)
  4. Nothing I Can't Do (featuring Trip Lee and Lecrae)
  5. Catch Me If You Can (featuring Andy Mineo)
  6. Paradise (featuring Tauren Wells of Royal Tailor)
  7. Fire Away (featuring Xavier Omär)
  8. Be With You (featuring Lester "L2" Shaw)
  9. Back to You (Interlude)
  10. Angels and Demons (featuring David Crowder)
  11. My God
  12. Love Never Leaves (featuring Natalie Lauren)
  13. Complicated (featuring Christon Gray)
  14. Chase (featuring Tim Halperin)
Bonus Tracks on Deluxe Edition
  1. Magic (featuring Katt Rockell)
  2. Earthquake (featuring KB and Dimitri McDowell)
  3. On Ten (featuring Derek Minor and Transparent)


Songs featuring Tedashii

Other Songs

  1. 40 Deep
  2. Carry Mine
  3. Keep The Faith
  4. Real Vision
  5. Stand Strong
  6. Transformers

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