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System Failure (2013)

Technomancer - System Failure

System Failure

  1. Prelude
  2. Path of Destruction
  3. Ødipus Rex (with Angst Pop)
  4. Scanner
  5. Drift
  6. D-MN
  7. Target
  8. Point.0
  9. Vision
  10. Alone
  11. Computerism
  12. Electronic Warfare (featuring Angst Pop) (cover of "Electronic Warfare" by Apoptygma Berzerk)
  13. Synchronized
  14. Ødipus Rex (Spiritual Warfare Remix)
  15. Drift (Minimal Plus Remix by Rossetti's Compass)

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Other Songs

  1. Elements Ov War
  2. Into The Shadows
  3. Mindspace
  4. The Future
  5. Awake In The Dark

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Technomancer is a performance name for Roy Julian Digre.

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Zone Tripper

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