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Soul Searching / Big Bad Wolf (1997)

Tech N9ne - Soul Searching - Big Bad Wolf

Soul Searching - Big Bad Wolf

  1. Soul Searchin'
  2. Soul Searchin' (Bonus Beats)
  3. Soul Searchin' (Remix) (featuring Jurassic 5)
  4. Big Bad Wolf
  5. Big Bad Wolf (Radio Edit)
  6. Big Bad Wolf (Acappella)

The Calm Before the Storm (1999)

Tech N9ne - The Calm Before the Storm

The Calm Before the Storm

  1. Planet Rock 2K (Down South Mix)
  2. Cloudy-Eyed Stroll (Remix)
  3. Flipside (Rough Version)
  4. Mizzizy Gets Bizzy (featuring Don Juan)
  5. On Our Way to L.A. (featuring Don Juan)
  6. Spend the Night (featuring Paul Law and Rock Money)
  7. Clueless (featuring Larone Burnette and Solè)
  8. Questions (Rough Draft)
  9. Now It's On (featuring Lejo)
  10. Bitch Sickness (featuring Phats Bossi and Rame Royal)
  11. Soldiers at War (featuring Big Scoob, Don Juan, L.V. and Short Nitty)
  12. Cotton Soldier
  13. Relish
  14. Mitchell Bade (Interlude)
  15. Mitchell Bade (featuring Bakarii)

The Worst (2000)

Tech N9ne - The Worst

The Worst

  1. Stamina
  2. Trauma (featuring Big Bear and Rock Money)
  3. Planet Rock 2K (Original Version)
  4. Thugged Out (featuring Gonzoe, Phats Bossi, Poppa L.Q. and Yukmouth)
  5. Walk These Shoes
  6. They're All Gonna Laugh at You
  7. Niggas
  8. Why? Tech N9ne
  9. Mad Confusion (featuring Big Bear)
  10. One Night Stand
  11. Get Blowed
  12. I Didn't Lie (featuring Lamani)
  13. Mind of a Killer
  14. The Worst (featuring Law and Kemani)
  15. S.I.M.O.N. Says
  16. Fucked Up Day performed by Charmelle Cofield
  17. Fucked Up Day (featuring Paul Law)

Anghellic (2001)

Tech N9ne - Anghellic


  1. Hellevator
  2. Tormented (featuring Grant Rice)
  3. Stamina
  4. Sinister Tech
  5. Psycho Messages
  6. Psycho Bitch
  7. This Life (Anghellic) (featuring Bakarii and Short Nitty)
  8. Real Killer
  9. Cursed
  10. Suicide Letters
  11. Purgatory
  12. It's Alive
  13. Einstein
  14. P.R. 2K1
  15. Here I Come
  16. Who You Came to See
  17. Wake Up Call
  18. This Ring
  19. God Complex
  20. Going Bad
  21. Heaven
  22. Twisted (featuring Roger Troutman)

Absolute Power (2002)

Tech N9ne - Absolute Power

Absolute Power

  1. Intro
  2. The Industry Is Punks
  3. Here Comes Tecca Nina
  4. Imma Tell
  5. Slacker
  6. Keep on Keepin' On (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
  7. Gunz Will Bust (featuring Money Hungry and Skatterman & Snug Brim)
  8. Bianca's and Beatrice's (featuring Kutt Calhoun)
  9. Diamond Joe's (Interlude)
  10. Slither
  11. Disturbance (Interlude)
  12. Trapped in a Psycho's Body
  13. T9X
  14. She Devil (featuring D12)
  15. Worst Enemy
  16. Signing Off (Interlude)
  17. Absolute Power
  18. Yada, Yada, Yada
  19. Constantly Dirty (featuring 57th Street Rogue Dog Villians)
  20. I'm a Playa (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
More Power DVD
  1. Victory
  2. Freaky Lil' Things (featuring Grant Rice and Kutt Calhoun)
  3. Hydro (featuring Greed, Krizz Kaliko and Kutt Calhoun)
  4. Runaway (featuring Erica Hugunin)
  5. Shocked (featuring Kutt Calhoun)
  6. The Grench (featuring Boy Big and Krizz Kaliko)
  7. Walk With a Limp performed by Kutt Calhoun (featuring Krizz Kaliko)

Celcius (2002)

Tech N9ne - Celcius


  1. He Wanna Be Paid
  2. Call Girlz (featuring Don Juan)
  3. Be Warned
  4. Boss Dogs (featuring Bakarii, Big Scoob and Short Nitty)
  5. Sprung (featuring Don Juan)
  6. All I Want
  7. Nasty Girl (featuring Don Juan, L.V. and Rock Money)
  8. Pop That Thing performed by Macc James
  9. Shoot Tha Shit (featuring Big Bear and Don Juan)
  10. Ride Wit' Me performed by 57th Street Rogue Dog Villians (featuring Severe)
  11. Blue Streak
  12. We Dem Boyz performed by Jok3r
  13. Mizery (featuring Macc James)
  14. Celcius (featuring Don Juan)

Anghellic: Reparation (2003)

Tech N9ne - Anghellic- Reparation

Anghellic: Reparation

  1. Devil Boy
  2. Hellevator
  3. Tormented (featuring Grant Rice)
  4. Stamina
  5. Sinister Tech
  6. Psycho Messages
  7. Psycho Bitch
  8. Real Killer
  9. Cursed
  10. Suicide Letters
  11. Purgatory
  12. It's Alive
  13. Breathe
  14. Who You Came to See
  15. Wake Up Call
  16. This Ring
  17. God Complex
  18. F.T.I. (featuring Greed, Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun and Skatterman & Snug Brim)
  19. Going Bad
  20. Heaven
  21. Twisted (featuring Roger Troutman)

Vintage Tech (2005)

Tech N9ne - Vintage Tech

Vintage Tech

  1. Lost Lair of B'zle
  2. Monster
  3. S.H.E. (Seductive Human Erotica)
  4. Save Yourself performed by Krizz Kaliko
  5. Now It's On (featuring Lejo)
  6. Be Jealous
  7. Red Necro
  8. The Grench (featuring Boy Big and Krizz Kaliko)
  9. I'm a Playa (Remix) (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
  10. Trapped in a Psycho's Body (Original)
  11. Freaky
  12. My Own Hell
  13. Victory
  14. Mitchell Bade (featuring Bakarii)
  15. Strange
  16. Snake Ya (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
  17. Shocked (featuring Kutt Calhoun)
  18. Outro

Everready (The Religion) (2006)

Tech N9ne - Everready (The Religion)

Everready (The Religion)

  1. Enter Everready/B.L.E.S.T.
  2. Riot Maker/Enjoy (featuring Skatterman & Snug Brim)
  3. No Can Do (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
  4. Welcome to the Midwest (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
  5. Bout Ta' Bubble
  6. It's What You Thinkin'
  7. Night and Day/T.E.C.H. Radio
  8. Jellysickle (featuring E-40)
  9. Caribou Lou
  10. Hood Connection/Strange Commercial/Hood Connection
  11. My Wife, My Bitch, My Girl
  12. Flash/Your Descent
  13. Come Gangsta
  14. The Melancholy Maze & My World Intro
  15. My World (featuring Brotha Lynch Hung and Dalima)
  16. Running Out of Time (R.O.O.T.)
  17. The Rain/Welcome Back/Party Hard (featuring Alyia Yates and Reign Yates)
  18. Fuck'em Girl (featuring Krizz Kaliko and Kutt Calhoun)
  19. The Beast
  20. This Is Me/Goodbye
  21. Sleeping Beauty (featuring Krizz Kaliko) (Bonus track)
The Strange Music Library
  1. Intro
  2. That Owl
  3. In My Head
  4. Groupie (featuring Krizz Kaliko and Kutt Calhoun)
  5. Rock Like That by Critical Bill
  6. The Shouting by Critical Bill
  7. Don't Blame Me by Skatterman & Snug Brim (featuring Boy Big)
  8. Run by Skatterman & Snug Brim
  9. Whip It by Kutt Calhoun (featuring Tech N9ne)
  10. Playa Like Me by Kutt Calhoun (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
  11. Trapped by Project Deadman
  12. Holy War by Project Deadman
  13. Let It Go by Krizz Kaliko
  14. The Need by Krizz Kaliko
  15. Little Pills by Kabosh

Misery Loves Kompany (2007)

Tech N9ne - Misery Loves Kompany

Misery Loves Kompany

  1. Kansas City Shuffle (Intro)
  2. Midwest Choppers (featuring D-Loc, Dalima and Krizz Kaliko)
  3. Misery (featuring The Journalist and Yukmouth)
  4. That Box (featuring Greed, Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun and Skatterman & Snug Brim)
  5. Gangsta Shap (featuring Krizz Kaliko and Kutt Calhoun)
  6. Sex Out South (featuring Krizz Kaliko and Kutt Calhoun)
  7. Get Ya Head Right (featuring Money Hungry and Snug Brim)
  8. Fan or Foe (featuring Krizz Kaliko and T-Nutty)
  9. Girl Crazy "Crazy Love"
  10. 2 Piece (featuring Big Scoob, Joe Vertigo and Krizz Kaliko)
  11. Big Scoob (featuring Big Scoob)
  12. Yeah Ya Can (featuring Krizz Kaliko and Shadow)
  13. I Can Feel It (featuring Agginy and The Philsta)
  14. Karma (Skit)
  15. You Don't Want It (featuring Krizz Kaliko, Mr. Reece and Prozak)
  16. Message to the Black Man
  17. The P.A.S.E.O. (The Poem Aaron Saw Extra Ordinary)

Killer (2008)

Tech N9ne - Killer


Disc 1
  1. Dr. Frazier's Office (Intro Skit)
  2. Like Yeah
  3. Wheaties (featuring Shawnna)
  4. Everybody Move
  5. Get the Fuck Outta Here (featuring The Popper and Paul Wall)
  6. The Waitress
  7. Crybaby
  8. Shit Is Real
  9. Blackboy (featuring Brotha J, Ice Cube and Krizz Kaliko)
  10. Pillow Talkin' (featuring Scarface)
  11. Paint a Dark Picture (featuring Dirtball)
  12. Hope for a Higher Power
  13. Worst Case Scenario (Skit)
  14. Psycho Bitch II (featuring Liquid Assassin)
  15. Poisonous (featuring Liz Suwandi)
  16. Too Much (featuring Kutt Calhoun)
Disc 2
  1. I Love You but Fuck You
  2. One Good Time
  3. Drill Team (featuring Snug Brim, BG Bulletwound and Krizz Kaliko)
  4. Beat You Up (featuring Lebowski, The Weapon and Big Scoob)
  5. Let's Go (featuring Kutt Calhoun and Mista Fab)
  6. Why You Ain't Call Me
  7. Seven Words (featuring Skatterman and Krizz Kaliko)
  8. The Sexorcist (Infomercial) (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
  9. Killa Call (Skit)
  10. Enjoy (featuring Krizz Kaliko and Bosko)
  11. Elbow Macaroni (Skit)
  12. I Am Everything (featuring Hed P.E. and Kottonmouth Kings)
  13. Happy Ending
  14. Can't Shake It (featuring Krizz Kaliko and Robert Rebeck)
  15. Holier Than Thou (featuring Krizz Kaliko and Strange Lane Choir)
  16. Last Words
  17. Killer (featuring Krizz Kaliko) (Pre-Order Bonus Track)

Strictly Strange (2009)

Tech N9ne - Strictly Strange

Strictly Strange

  1. Intro by Krizz Kaliko
  2. Twerk by Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko and Skatterman & Snug Brim
  3. Exclusive by Kutt Calhoun and Krizz Kaliko
  4. In da Whip by Krizz Kaliko
  5. Whatcha Talkin' Bout by Skatterman & Snug Brim
  6. Sex and Candy by Prozak
  7. World Gone Crazy by Tech N9ne
  8. Party Rock by Kutt Calhoun and Krizz Kaliko
  9. Nightmares by Grave Plott and Krizz Kaliko
  10. No More Me and You by Krizz Kaliko and Tech N9ne
  11. Hold On by Prozak and Robert Bradley
  12. Welcome to the Land by Grave Plott
  13. Make It Move by Skatterman & Snug Brim
  14. Miss Gottalottavit by Tech N9ne
  15. Whip It by Kutt Calhoun and Tech N9ne
  16. 7 Days by Krizz Kaliko
  17. Hate Me by Grave Plott and Bizarre
  18. Hustla by Skatterman & Snug Brim
  19. American Princess by Prozak
  20. Money by Tech N9ne (Bonus Track)

Sickology 101 (2009)

Tech N9ne - Sickology 101

Sickology 101

  1. Sickology 101 (featuring Chino XL and Crooked I)
  2. Midwest Choppers 2 (featuring K-Dean and Krayzie Bone)
  3. Ghetto Love (featuring Krizz Kaliko and Kutt Calhoun)
  4. Poh Me Anutha (featuring Kutt Calhoun and Potluck)
  5. We Kixin' It (featuring Ron Ron and The Popper)
  6. Nothin' (featuring Big Scoob and Messy Marv)
  7. Let Me In (featuring Cash Image and D-Locc Da Chop)
  8. In the Air (featuring Craig Smith and Nesto The Owner)
  9. Blown Away
  10. Party and Bullshit (featuring Big Ben and Shadow)
  11. Grammy's (Skit) (featuring Krizz Kaliko, Below Zero, Chandra Palmer, Dana Perkins, Irv Da Phenom, Robert Rebeck and Valerie Knight)
  12. Sorry N' Shit (featuring 57th Street Rogue Dog Villians)
  13. Dysfunctional (featuring Krizz Kaliko and Big Scoob)
  14. Far Away (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
  15. Spelling Bee (Skit) (featuring Makzilla and Robert Robeck)
  16. Creepin' (featuring BG Bulletwound and Paul Mussan)
  17. Red Nose
  18. Bootlegger (Skit)/Areola/Bootlegger (Outro) (featuring 816 Boyz)
  19. Take It Off (Bonus Track)

K.O.D. (2009)

Tech N9ne - K.O.D.


  1. Show Me a God
  2. The Warning (Skit)
  3. Demons (featuring Three 6 Mafia)
  4. Blackened the Sun
  5. Strange Music Box (featuring Krizz Kaliko and Brotha Lynch Hung)
  6. Sundae (Skit)
  7. Check Yo Temperature (featuring Sundae and T-Nutty)
  8. B. Boy (featuring Big Scoob, Bumpy Knuckles, Kutt Calhoun and Skatterman)
  9. Hunterish (featuring Irv Da Phenom and Krizz Kaliko)
  10. The Pick Up (Skit)
  11. In the Trunk
  12. Pinocchiho
  13. Horns (featuring King Gordy and Prozak)
  14. Interview With Jason Whitlock (Skit)
  15. It Was an Accident (featuring Alan Wayne)
  16. Shadows on the Road
  17. Low (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
  18. Messages (Skit)
  19. Killing You
  20. Leave Me Alone
  21. Prayer - by K.T. (Skit)
  22. K.O.D. (featuring Mackenzie O'Guin)
  23. The Martini (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
  24. F.U.N. (Exclusive iTunes & Strange Music Pre-Order Track)
  25. Like I Died (Exclusive iTunes Pre-Order Track)

The Lost Scripts of K.O.D. (2010)

Tech N9ne - The Lost Scripts Of K.O.D.

The Lost Scripts Of K.O.D.

  1. Like I Died (remix) (featuring Craig Smith and Krizz Kaliko)
  2. Stress Relief
  3. 00N9NA
  4. Pain Killer (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
  5. Last Sad Song (featuring Krizz Kaliko)

Collabos: Gates Mixed Plate (2010)

Tech N9ne - Collabos- Gates Mixed Plate

Collabos: Gates Mixed Plate

  1. Ms Walker - Brooklyn Martino Intro
  2. O.G.
  3. FU Pay Me (featuring Krizz Kaliko and Makzilla)
  4. Gamer (featuring Kutt Calhoun)
  5. Jumpin' Jax (featuring Krizz Kaliko and Bishop)
  6. Keep It One Hunit (featuring Glasses Malone, Big Scoob and Irv Da Phenom)
  7. Pow Pow (featuring Kutt Calhoun, Tay Digg, Rivv Loc and Mon E.G. The Ghostwriter)
  8. Harvey Dent
  9. Tony G Intro
  10. What's Next (featuring Craig Smith and Oobergeek)
  11. Afterparty (featuring Kutt Calhoun and Devin The Dude)
  12. Too Many Girls (featuring Krizz Kaliko and Sundae)
  13. Puh Wah Wah (featuring 816 Boyz)
  14. Sean Tyler Intro
  15. KC Tea
  16. JT Quick Intro
  17. Oh You Didn't Know (featuring Irv Da Phenom and The Popper)
  18. Far Out (featuring JL, P.R.E.A.C.H. and Stevie Stone)
  19. Paper (With Brian B Shynin Intro) (featuring Jay Rock and Joe Vertigo)
  20. Loud (featuring Irv Da Phenom, Bizzy and Alan Wayne)
  21. Need More Angels (featuring Irv Da Phenom and Brother K.T.)
  22. Doin It (featuring Yukmouth, Chillest Illest and Ome) (Bonus Track)
  23. What's Yo Psycho? (featuring Brotha Lynch Hung and Sundae) (Bonus Pre-order Track)

Seepage (2010)

Tech N9ne - Seepage


  1. Choking From It
  2. Seepage (featuring Tonesha Sanders)
  3. Asshole (featuring Big Scoob and Krizz Kaliko)
  4. Alucard
  5. Bite Me (featuring Tonesha Sanders and Jessica Slankard)
  6. Trippin' Comin' (featuring Krizz Kaliko)

Bad Season (2010)

Tech N9ne - Bad Season

Bad Season

Retail Version
  1. Bad Season Skit (featuring Jeff Nelson)
  2. Table and Chest Stress
  3. Sex to the Beat (featuring Kutt Calhoun, Bizzy Bone and Krizz Kaliko)
  4. No More Music by the Suckas (featuring Black Vain, Oobergeek and Krizz Kaliko)
  5. Bad Season (featuring Krizz Kaliko, Nesto The Owner and Tonesha Sanders)
  6. Somethin to See (featuring Krizz Kaliko and Irv Da Phenom)
  7. Ego Trippin' (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
  8. All Day All Night (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
  9. Livin' Like I'm Dyin (featuring Kutt Calhoun, Ubiquitos of Ces Cru, Godemis of Ces Cru and Krizz Kaliko)
  10. Down for the Block (featuring Jay Rock, Kutt Calhoun and Big Scoob)
  11. Lick Your Teeth (featuring Irv Da Phenom, Krizz Kaliko and Tonesha Sanders)
  12. Losin' My Mind
  13. Curious (What up Wit Ya Girl) (featuring Irv Da Phenom and Royce Da 5'9") (Replaces Hard Liquor from free version of mixtape).
  14. Speed of Sound (Acapella) (Exclusive retail track)
  15. Blammers and Burners (Acapella) (Exclusive retail track)
  16. Move (Acapella Remix) (Exclusive retail track)
Free Version Tracks Not on Retail Version
  1. Hard Liquor
  2. The People Speak Skit
  3. This Ring (featuring Dontez Yates)
  4. This Ring Outro
  5. The Rain (featuring Aliya Yates, Reign Yates and Lecoya Lejeune)
  6. Come Gangsta (featuring Krizz Kaliko)

All 6's and 7's (2011)

Tech N9ne - All 6's and 7's

All 6's and 7's

  1. The Pledge (intro)
  2. Technicians
  3. Military (skit)
  4. Am I a Psycho (featuring B.o.B and Hopsin)
  5. He's a Mental Giant
  6. Worldwide Choppers (featuring Twista, Busta Rhymes, Yelawolf, U$O, JL, D-Loc, Twisted Insane and Ceza)
  7. We Miss You Man (skit)
  8. I Love Music (featuring Oobergeek, Kendrick Lamar and Krizz Kaliko)
  9. Strangeland
  10. Call From Richie (skit)
  11. The Boogieman (featuring Stokley and First Degree The DE)
  12. Cult Leader (featuring Liz Suwandi)
  13. Call From KC Poet Camile (skit)
  14. Fuck Food (featuring Lil Wayne, T-Pain and Krizz Kaliko)
  15. Overtime (featuring Stevie Stone and Krizz Kaliko)
  16. Pornographic (featuring Snoop Dogg, E-40 and Krizz Kaliko)
  17. You Owe Like Pookie (featuring Kutt Calhoun and Jay Rock)
  18. Delusional (featuring Nikkiya)
  19. So Lonely (featuring Blind Fury and Mackenzie O'Guin)
  20. If I Could (featuring Deftones)
  21. Angry Caller (skit)
  22. Love Me Tomorrow (featuring Big Scoob)
  23. Mama Nem (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
  24. Promiseland (featuring Nikkiya)
  25. F.A.N.S. (Exclusive Pre-Order Track)
  26. Face Paint (Exclusive Best Buy Track)
  27. Give It Up (featuring Lebowski and Ces Cru) (Exclusive Best Buy Track)
  28. Rock N Roll Nigga (Exclusive Best Buy Track)
  29. Enie Meanie Miney Hoe (Exclusive iTunes Track)
  30. This Is Hip Hop (featuring Brotha Lynch Hung) (Exclusive iTunes Track)
  31. Ya Killin Me (Exclusive iTunes Track)

Welcome to Strangeland (2011)

Tech N9ne - Welcome to Strangeland

Welcome to Strangeland

  1. Stars
  2. Welcome to Strangeland (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
  3. Unfair (featuring Krizz Kaliko and Ces Cru)
  4. Kocky (featuring Jay Rock and Kutt Calhoun)
  5. Who Do I Catch
  6. My Favorite (featuring Prozak and Brotha Lynch Hung)
  7. Retrogression (featuring ¡MAYDAY!)
  8. Bang Out (featuring 816 Boys)
  9. Beautiful Music (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
  10. Won't You Come Dirty (featuring Stevie Stone and Young Bleed)
  11. Sad Circus (featuring Brotha Lynch Hung and Courtney Kuhnz)
  12. The Noose (featuring ¡MAYDAY!)
  13. Slave (featuring Krizz Kaliko and Kutt Calhoun)
  14. Overwhelming
  15. Gods (featuring Krizz Kaliko and Kutt Calhoun)
  16. I Need a Drink
  17. The Real Thing (featuring Liz Suwandi)
  18. EMJ (featuring Irv Da Phenom, Kutt Calhoun, ¡MAYDAY!, Stevie Stone, Jay Rock, Krizz Kaliko and Magnum PI)
  19. Road Rage (featuring Irv Da Phenom)

Klusterfuk EP (2012)

Tech N9ne - Klusterfuk EP

Klusterfuk EP

  1. Klusterfuk (featuring Sassy)
  2. Blur (featuring Wrekonize)
  3. Can't Stand Me (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
  4. Ugly Duckling (featuring Aqualeo)
  5. Awkward
  6. D.K.N.Y. (featuring Krizz Kaliko)

E.B.A.H. (2012)

Tech N9ne - E.B.A.H.


  1. E.B.A.H. Landing (Skit)
  2. E.B.A.H.
  3. Earregular
  4. Don't Tweet This
  5. Rock Yo Head (featuring 816 Boyz)
  6. Next Message (Skit)
  7. Boy Toy
  8. KJOMD (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
  9. A Real 1 (featuring J.L.)
  10. Shut the Fuck Up (Skit)

Boiling Point (2012)

Tech N9ne - Boiling Point

Boiling Point

  2. Fire in the AC (featuring Smackola and Krizz Kaliko)
  3. Should I Killer
  4. Hunger (featuring Brotha Lynch Hung and Bishop)
  5. Paint on Your Pillowcase (featuring Aqualeo)
  6. Heavy
  7. Alone (featuring Krizz Kaliko and Eric Boone)

Something Else (2013)

Tech N9ne - Something Else

Something Else

  1. News With Mark Alford 1 (Skit)
  2. B.I.T.C.H. (featuring T-Pain)
  3. Straight Out the Gate (featuring Serj Tankian and Krizz Kaliko)
  4. With the BS (featuring Big Scoob, Red Café and Trae tha Truth)
  5. Love 2 Dislike Me (featuring Tyler Lyon and Liz Suwandi)
  6. Fortune Force Field
  7. I'm Not a Saint
  8. Fragile (featuring Kendall Morgan, Kendrick Lamar and ¡Mayday!)
  9. Priorities (featuring Angel Davenport and The Game)
  10. News With Mark Alford 2 (Skit)
  11. Dwamn
  12. So Dope (They Wanna) (featuring Snow tha Product, Twisted Insane and Wrekonize)
  13. See Me (featuring B.o.B and Wiz Khalifa)
  14. My Haiku - Burn the World (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
  15. That's My Kid (featuring Big K.R.I.T., Cee Lo Green and Kutt Calhoun)
  16. Meant to Happen (featuring Scoop DeVille)
  17. News With Mark Alford 3 (Skit)
  18. Believe
  19. R.I.P. Ray (Skit)
  20. Strange 2013 (featuring The Doors)
  21. SMB
  22. Colorado (featuring B.o.B, Ces Cru, Krizz Kaliko, ¡Mayday!, Rittz and Stevie Stone) (Deluxe edition bonus track)
  23. Drowning (featuring Liz Suwandi) (Deluxe edition bonus track)
  24. Thizzles (featuring Danny Brown) (Deluxe edition bonus track)
  25. Party the Pain Away (featuring Liz Suwandi) (Strange Music online pre-order digital bonus track)
  26. Rock-A-Bye (featuring Ben-G Da Prince of Soul) (Monster Energy digital bonus track)
  27. Somebody Else (featuring Krizz Kaliko) (Digital deluxe edition bonus track)
  28. Feels Like Heaven (featuring Krizz Kaliko and Oobergeek) (Digital deluxe edition bonus track)

Strangeulation (2014)

Tech N9ne - Strangeulation


  1. Strangeulation I
  2. Hard (A Monster Made It) (featuring Murs)
  3. Over It (featuring Ryan Bradley)
  4. Make Waves (featuring Krizz Kaliko, Rittz and Tyler Lyon)
  5. Nobody Cares: (The Remix) (featuring Krizz Kaliko, Stevie Stone, Wrekonize, Bernz and Ces Cru)
  6. Great Night (featuring Ces Cru)
  7. Red Rags (featuring Big Scoob, Jay Rock and Kutt Calhoun)
  8. Strangeulation II (featuring Stevie Stone, Murs, Brotha Lynch Hung and Godemis)
  9. Which One (featuring Murs and Godemis)
  10. American Horror Story (featuring Ces Cru)
  11. Fear (featuring Mackenzie O'Guin)
  12. Strangeulation III (featuring Bernz, Kutt Calhoun, Ubiquitous and Wrekonize)
  13. Na Na (featuring Stevie Stone and Rittz)
  14. Stink (featuring Krizz Kaliko, Stevie Stone and Kendall Morgan)
  15. The Calling (featuring Tyler Lyon)
  16. Strangeulation IV (featuring Prozak, Big Scoob, Krizz Kaliko and Rittz)
  17. We Are Free (featuring Bernz and Wrekonize)
  18. Sut Mig (Digital deluxe edition bonus track)
  19. Withdrawal (featuring Krizz Kaliko) (Digital deluxe edition bonus track)
  20. Nobody Cares (featuring Krizz Kaliko and Stevie Stone) Strange Music online pre-order digital bonus track

Special Effects (2015)

Tech N9ne - Special Effects

Special Effects

  1. The Procedure (Intro)
  2. Aw Yeah? (Intervention)
  3. Lacrimosa
  4. Condolences (Skit)
  5. On the Bible (featuring T.I. and Zuse)
  6. Shroud (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
  7. More Psycho Messages (Skit)
  8. Psycho Bitch III (featuring Hopsin)
  9. Wither (featuring Corey Taylor)
  10. Dead Alive (Skit)
  11. Hood Go Crazy (featuring 2 Chainz and B.o.B.)
  12. Bass Ackwards (featuring Lil Wayne, Yo Gotti and Big Scoob)
  13. No K (featuring E-40 and Krizz Kaliko)
  14. Countdown (Skit)
  15. Speedom (Wwc2) (featuring Eminem and Krizz Kaliko)
  16. Give It All (featuring Audio Push and Krizz Kaliko)
  17. Yates (featuring Marcus Yates)
  18. M T M D (Skit)
  19. A Certain Comfort (featuring Kate Rose)
  20. Burn It Down (featuring Ryan Bradley)
  21. Life Sentences (featuring Krizz Kaliko, Joey Cool and Gee Watts)
  22. Dyin' Flyin' (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
  23. Worldly Angel
  24. Roadkill (featuring Excision)
  25. Anti (featuring Krizz Kaliko and Band of Psychos) Bonus Track
  26. Young Dumb Full of Fun (featuring Ces Cru and Mackenzie O'Guin) Bonus Track

The Storm (2016)

Tech N9ne - The Storm

The Storm

  1. Godspeed
  2. Need Jesus (featuring Stevie Stone and JL)
  3. Sriracha (featuring Logic and Joyner Lucas)
  4. Wifi (Skit)
  5. Wifi (WeeFee)
  6. Erbody but Me (featuring Bizzy and Krizz Kaliko)
  7. Get off Me (featuring Problem and Darrein Safron)
Clown Town
  1. I Get It Now (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
  2. Hold on Me (featuring Kate Rose)
  3. Starting to Turn (featuring Jonathan Davis)
  4. Poisoning the Well
G. Zone
  1. Buss Serves (featuring Big Scoob and Young Devi D)
  2. Buddha (featuring Boyz II Men and Adrian Truth)
  3. No Gun Control (featuring Gary Clark Jr. and Krizz Kaliko)
  4. What If It Was Me (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
  5. Anywhere (featuring Marsha Ambrosius)
  6. The Needle (featuring Krizz Kaliko)

Other Releases

As A Featured Artist
  1. 7 Sinz (by Snug Brim (featuring Tech N9ne, D.O.V.E. D.A.W.G. and OME))
  2. Let's Ride (by DJ Clay (featuring Tech N9ne))
  3. Millinnium Mitch (by 57th Street Rogue Dog Villians (featuring Tech N9ne))
  4. Voicez (by Judge D (featuring Tech N9ne))
  5. Bare En Pige/Just a Girl (by L.O.C. (featuring Tech N9ne))
  6. Mama Said Knock You Out (by Five Finger Death Punch (featuring Tech N9ne))
Non-Album Tracks
  1. I'll Pass
  1. Beef (featuring Krizz Kaliko) from Beef (2003)
  2. Snake Ya (featuring Krizz Kaliko) from Beef (2003)

Other Songs

The songs listed below should be split into albums. (more information)
  1. 1zie
  2. 808 Bendin'
  3. Areola
  4. Broken Chains
  5. Burn Slow
  6. Bury 'Em All
  7. City 2 City
  8. Dollar General
  9. Earthquake
  10. Einstien
  11. Get Around
  12. Get Buck
  13. Hiccup
  14. Holla-Loo-Yuh
  15. I Been Dope
  16. Juice
  17. Kansas City King
  18. Kill Em Off
  19. Kill or Be Killed
  20. Killin' It
  21. Planet Rock
  22. Raw Talk
  23. S**t Is Real
  24. Say No More
  25. Serial Killa
  26. Sex Toy
  27. Skreem!
  28. Smoke Sumting
  29. Spaz
  30. Stabbed
  31. Table and Stress Chest
  32. Takin' Online Orders
  33. Television
  34. The Dark Side: Hope for a Higher Power
  35. The Dark Side: Paint a Dark Picture
  36. The Sextion Seven Words
  37. The Sextion the Secorcist (Informercial)
  38. The Virus
  39. Turn
  40. Under Pressure Remix
  41. What We Are
  42. Why???


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