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When the World's at Stake (Reprise)

This song is by Team StarKid and appears on the musical soundtrack The Trail to Oregon! (2015).

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At first I was a moron
I stood a little to tall
I didn't know
I was close to losing it all

I burned our farm down
By my own hand
If God did it he's a sneaky man
But now it's time
I take control of his plan

When the world's at stake
There are lives to save
In every step I take
And every rule I break
I'm one step closer to my family
I can feel it in my bones
Lord have mercy on my soul
As I take back what's all my own


General Store Guy:
When the world's at stake
And there are lives to save
And yes, I'm one big fake
But please cut me a break
'Cause ahh-
(Spoken) Nope


When my world's at stake...


Written by:

Jeff Blim, Dew De Four


Clark Baxtresser, Pierce Siebers, Jeff Blim


  • Clark Baxtresser: keyboard
  • Pierce Siebers: keyboard
  • Max Evrard: keyboard, banjo
  • Corey Richardson: guitar
  • Mason Cormie: bass
  • Nick Kabat: drums

Performed by:

  • Jeff Blim as Father
  • Joey Richter as General Store Guy
  • Jaime Lyn Beatty as General Store Guy's Wife (dialogue only)

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