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Musical soundtrack by Team StarKid.
  1. The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals
  2. La Dee Dah Dah Day
  3. What Do You Want, Paul?
  4. Cup of Roasted Coffee
  5. Cup of Poisoned Coffee
  6. Show Me Your Hands
  7. You Tied Up My Heart
  8. Join Us (And Die)
  9. Not Your Seed
  10. Show Stoppin' Number
  11. America Is Great Again
  12. Let Him Come
  13. Let It Out
  14. Inevitable


Written by:

Jeff Blim


Matt Dahan


  • Matt Dahan: keyboard
  • Sam Johnides: guitar, keyboard
  • Josh Fleury: bass
  • Ryan McDiarmid: drums

Performed by:

  • Jon Matteson as Paul
  • Lauren Lopez as Emma
  • Joey Richter as Ted, Homeless Guy
  • Jaime Lyn Beatty as Charlotte, Nora, Deb
  • Corey Dorris as Bill, "Stu"
  • Robert Manion as Hidgens, Male Cop
  • Mariah Rose Faith as Alice, Zoey, Greenpeace Girl, Female Cop, Nurse
  • Jeff Blim as Mr Davidson, Sam, McNamara, "Greg"

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