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Take Off Your Clothes (Pop/R&B Version)

This song is by Team StarKid and appears on the album Twisted: Twisted (2013).

This song is a pop/R&B version of "Take Off Your Clothes".
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Tae Bo:
See that palace of gold?
Shining, sparkling, metallic
And a little bit phallic
Take a look and you'll agree

See those leaves on the ground?
Spelling something explicit
Don't you blink or you'll miss it
Gently asking you and me

Take off your clothes
So many hidden messages
Subtle, yet slightly lewd
But if you're shrewd
They put you in the mood

To take off your clothes

I feel compelled subconsciously
I don't know why or how
But here and now
I'm tempted to take off my clothes with you...

Tae Bo:
I wanna take off my clothes with you

I feel free as a bird
With no cage and no owner

Tae Bo:
Look, that priest has a boner

No, I think that's just his knees

Tae Bo:   (Britney:)
Oh, take off your clothes
(What a perfect romance)
The universe is telling you
(I can't wait till we're married)
Each sign is planted there
With loving care
Accept the cosmic dare

And take off your clothes
(And take off your clothes...)
Princess take off your pants
(You don’t have to pretend with me)
Show me your magic carpet

Even the stars above
Reflect our love
They want me to take off my clothes with you

Tae Bo: (Spoken)
Hey girl
You know my love for you knows no bounds
Baby I just wanna get close to you
But there’s something between us
And it’s driving us apart.

Girl, you got so many layers of fabric keep me from you
Showing you how I feel about you
How special you are, so
Take 'em off girl

Oh, please
Baby won’t you
Take off your clothes


Music by:

A.J. Holmes

Lyrics by:

Kaley McMahon

Performed by:

  • Britney Coleman
  • "Tae Bo Dyson"

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