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Ready To Go (Alternative Version)

This song is by Team StarKid and appears on the musical soundtrack Me And My Dick (2010) and on the album A Very StarKid Album (2010).

This song is an alternative version of "Ready To Go".
I'm ready to go...
I'm ready to go...
I'm ready to go...
I'm ready to go...

We're finally ready
And the time is right
For us to light a spark

Were keepin' it steady
With our eyes on the prize
To get us through the dark

I know there's so much more
To what I think I see
I feel a change, and the
Strange thing is... it's part of me!

My hormones are freakin' out
And I think I'm gonna blow!

We're locked and loaded...
Oh, so devoted...
Low and demoted...
Totes, just toted!...

We're finally ready
So ready to go!


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