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Not Your Seed

This song is by Team StarKid and appears on the musical soundtrack The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals (2018).

Alice: (Chorus:)
I'm not your girl anymore
I'm not that tween that you drove here for
I'm not your girl anymore
I overtook her body with an infectious spore

You left me out of your sight for one second
And look what happens, nightmare time
It's worse than you could imagine
Not sex and not drugs, just aliens invading minds

No more family vacays together
'Cause your only daughter's under the weather
And if you actually paid attention to me

You'd see I'm not your seed
I'm not your angsty teen
No matter what you believe
The apple's fallen far from the tree

It's not my fault anymore
No more curfews to be late for
It's not my fault anymore
No more being worried and waiting by the door

Did you know that I wanted to live with you?
(Look what happens, nightmare time)
When you needed to fight you gave her that too
(Aliens invading minds)

Did you know Mum let Deb sleep over?
And you're right about Deb, she's a hardcore stoner
And if you wonder what led your daughter astray
Well, Daddy wasn't here to save-

Not your seed
(Not your seed)
I'm not your perfect teen
(Perfect teen)
I'm fucking seventeen
At least I was before you left me

Why does it hurt to love you?
Why am I in pain?
Why does it hurt to know you?
You let me down again

If I turned my insides out
Would you even know that I was there?
Why does it hurt to love you?
Why does it hurt to love?

I'm not your seed
(Not your girl, not your girl)
Now maybe you'll listen to me
(Listen to me, listen to me)
After you let me bleed
(Let me bleed)
Now your daughter's not a girl no more
(Girl no more, girl no more)

Now I own your seed!

'Cause I'm not your girl anymore


Written by:

Jeff Blim


Matt Dahan


  • Matt Dahan: keyboard
  • Sam Johnides: guitar, keyboard
  • Josh Fleury: bass
  • Ryan McDiarmid: drums

Performed by:

  • Mariah Rose Faith as Alice
  • Jaime Lyn Beatty as Deb
  • Lauren Lopez

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