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If I Believed (Demo)

This song is by Team StarKid and appears on the album Twisted: Twisted (2013).

This is a demo version of the song "If I Believed".
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If I believed in wishes
As silly as it seems
I'd find that hidden cave
Turn back the sands of time and save you
If I believed in dreams

If I believed in magic
If I believed in good
I'd be the best vizier
I'd make our troubles disappear
If I believed I could

But wishes are dreams
And dreams are pretend
So science and reason
Win out in the end

Science says you're dead and gone forever
Reason says I'm talking to the air
But something in my heart
Some secret hidden part
Illogically insists that you are there

If I believe in wishes
If I can find the key
Perhaps it's not to late
To change the course of fate
'Cause after all I must be pretty great
If you believed in me


Music by:

A.J. Holmes

Lyrics by:

Kaley McMahon


  • A.J. Holmes

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