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Everything And More

This song is by Team StarKid and appears on the musical soundtrack Twisted (2013).

This song has been covered by Team StarKid under the title "Everything And More (Punk Version)".
I'm the most powerful girl in the land
With a wave of my hand I can give a command
But it's just like... whatever
'Cause they don't understand

Look at my life from the outside and sure
I've got servants and tigers and stuff
You're probably thinking she's got everything

Well it's true 'cause I do
But so the fuck what, it's not enough

I want a life of adventure
With no orders I have to obey
And dangers galore
'Long as I can be sure
That I'm safe and secure at the end of the day

I've got to escape from this palace
For a life where I'll truly be free
I'll go live somewhere new
Just as big with a view
And a few dozen servants attending to me

That's all I'm asking for
I just want everything and more

I want the moon
I want to live on the moon
And eat it in a pie
And keep it as a pet
And wear it like a gemstone in my hair

And someday soon
The people who say I'm just dreaming
Like father and Ja'far
Will see how wrong they are
As I laugh in their faces through mouthfuls of moonbeam pie

I wanna make my own choices
I mean please, is that so much to ask?
But decisions are hard and I'm being bombarded
Why can't somebody help with this arduous task?

The life of a princess is fraught with complication
It's enough to make me wish I were lowly and poor
But, like, with money

What I wouldn't give to live in a new situation
Each slave and guard makes life so hard
'Cause I'm always barred
From having everything and more


Music by:

A.J. Holmes

Lyrics by:

Kaley McMahon


  • Rachael Soglin as The Princess

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